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Use Online Citators to Both Expand and Update your Research - Klovning

By Mark Kloempken & Tove Klovning

Shepard's signal indicators

Checking Citations in Shepard's

Once you have Shepardized a case, one of the following symbols will appear in the upper left of the screen next to the case citation.

Not every case will have a Shepard's Signal indicators.

  * Signal Legend:
-   Warning: Negative treatment is indicated
-   Warning: Negative case treatment is indicated for statute
-   Questioned: validity questioned by citing refs
-   Caution: Possible negative treatment
-   Positive treatment is indicated
-   Citing Refs. With Analysis Available
-   Citation information available

If one of the first three Symbols appears for your case, review the negative treatment to verify that your particular point of law is still good.