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Law Student Orientation

Important Information for 1L's, LLM's and Transfer Students

General Policies

Noise and Cell Phone Use:

The Law Library is a quiet area for study and research. Please be respectful and courteous of others in your use of the Law Library.  There are four group study rooms where groups of students may talk and study together. 

As a courtesy to library users, cell phones must be turned off, or have the ringer set to "vibrate" while in the Law Library.

Cell phone use is restricted to the 4th floor library lobby, and the areas near the restrooms on the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors,

Please take care when bringing drinks and snacks into the Law Library: keep food contained, use spill resistant drink containers, clean up any crumbs and spills, and place trash in the appropriate garbage or recycling receptacle. If you should accidentally spill food or drink, please notify a member of the library staff so cleaning staff can be called.

Lost and Found personal items are stored at the Circulation Desk for a limited period of time. The circulation desk attendant or any member of the library staff can assist you. You can also check

Personal Belongings should never be left unattended. REMINDER: While theft is rare, it does occur.

Safety and Security. For all emergencies (safety, fire, health) call WashU Police at 314-935-5555. There are also emergency telephones that connect directly to the Campus Police Office located in the Law Library at the Circulation Desk and by the elevators on the second and fourth floors.

Tables & Study Carrels

Tables and carrels are located on all floors of the Library.  Most are wired for power and have wired and/or wireless Internet access.  If you find a light burned out in one of the carrels, please notify a library staff member.


Use of carrels and tables is on a first-come first-served basis.  Students are not assigned permanent carrels, and carrels and tables must be cleared at the end of the day.  Carrels and tables that are not cleared will receive one warning notice. After that, remaining personal items will be removed to the Circulation Desk and placed in Lost & Found.

Group Study Rooms

Circulation Policies